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Suggest An Alaskan Site

Every resource included in the search results from is screened before inclusion. Inclusion is completely at our sole discretion. There is no fee to submit a site nor to be included. The primary things we are looking for when we are screening sites for inclusion are:
  1. Sites about Alaska
  2. Sites by Alaskans
  3. Direct links to Alaska or Alaskan content.
  4. Businesses and organizations need to have an Alaskan address.
  5. We will always try to include the highest possible level of the URL. So there is no need to submit multiple pages of the same site unless they are not in the same directory.
  6. We won't include sites we believe promote violence, hatred, illegal acts or contain what we consider to be inappropriate content for a general audience.
If you think you know of a site that meets these conditions and isn't already included here then we invite you to send us the link using this form. If you want to be contacted with our decision to inlcude your site or not, please submit your name and email address. Name and address aren't required and will only be used to contact you about your site submission.

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