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Search Examples

I've been asked a few times why people would need or want to search on instead of just adding "Alaska" to their search terms in Google.Com. The best way to explain it I think will be by supplying specific examples.

Search Example 1

Here is search for Anchorage Schools on The first result is for the official site of the Anchorage School District.

Compare that to the search for Anchorage Alaska Schools on The first result is from CityTownInfo.Com Which offers great information for people who aren't familiar with Alaska, but probably not real helpful to an Alaskan.

Search Example 2

Here is a search for Fairbanks Hotel on Seven of the first ten results are directly to Fairbank Hotel sites, the remaining three are Alaskan hotel directories.

Compare that to the search for Fairbanks Alaska Hotel on Only three of the first page results are directly to Hotel sites. The rest of the listings are to mostly out of state directories. This doens't make Google.Com results bad, it just means that the results are intended for a different (wider) audience.

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