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AlaskanBest.Com Best Search for Alaskans

For Alaskan Internet Users, web site owners and small businesses.
  • Alaskan Internet users.

  • The Interent is an excellent research tool, but it's only as good as the sources included to be searched. Search engines like Google use complicated math to sort through millions of sites to return the best results. However, sites with old or bad information or are nothing but "link farms" slip through. Having to manually sift through the search results is a waste of time and frustrating. eliminates those sites with human review of every web site included. We dig deep for the best and most current sources. A search on an Alaskan individual, location, business, or issue will return the most relevant results from Alaskan and other authoritive sources.

    Our best Alaskan resources include:

    • Alaskan Sites of the US Government
    • State of Alaska Sites
    • All Borough, City and School District Sites
    • All University of Alaska Sites
    • All Chambers of Commerce and Visitor Center Sites
    • All Alaska media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines)
    • Many State and Local organization and associations
    • Many business and individual sites
    • All of the major Alaskan Internet Directories should be the first choice for anyone looking for information about Alaska or Alaskans. Try a couple of searches and compare the results to a regular Google.Com search. You can find a couple examples here. If it's Alaska news, products, service, information or person, you can find it on

  • Alaskan Web Site Owners

  • is an Alaskan subset of the database. It's free to submit your site and to be included in To see if your site is included already perform a site search (site: If it's not there use this form to suggest your site for inclusion.

    Search results are determined exclusively by the user's query and the content on the web site. doesn't sell positions in search results. This ensures the best results for users, and gives every web site equal opportunity to be included in those results.

    All that is missing is to spread the news and make the preferred search engine for Alaskans. You can help by adding the search box to your web site or post a link to The search results or your link will open in a new window so you won't lose your visitor. You can further help spread the word and help yourself by becoming a Search Partner. This represents an opportunity to help ourselves while helping each other as well as all Alaskans.

  • Alaskan Small Businesses

  • Alaskan small businesses are feeling pressure from all sides. As if the "Big Box" stores, Warehouse Stores and Franchises weren't bad enough, outsiders are now chipping away at the local market via the Internet. Consumers are increasingly turning to search engines such as Google.Com to find products, services, news, and information.

    While there are a number of good local Alaska directories such as the Anchorage Daily News Alaska.Com or, most Internet users are going to use their favorite search engine before they use one of these directories. Since advertising in these directories can be expensive (thousands of dollars), they are typically dominated by larger companies with larger advertising budgets that can pay the premium for better placement. only includes business web sites that post an Alaskan address or phone number. Franchises, big box and warehouse stores are not included.

    One way for small businesses to compete is by banding together in "Cooperative Community Marketing". provides the means to do so easily and effectively. Including a Search Box or link to helps support other small businesses and Alaskan communities. Learn more about Cooperative Community Marketing.

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