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About Us powered by Google Co-op is a Mystic Ventures project in Anchorage Alaska. We've lived and worked all over this great state for thirty plus years. We've raised our children here. We've hunted and fished, rafted and hiked. We've soaked in hot springs and landed on glaciers. From the South East to the North slope and the Yukon to Adak, and yet there is still so much more for us to see and do. More than is possible in the time remaining to us.

We've owned, managed or worked for all kinds of small businesses across Alaska, including real estate, remote lodges, retail, wholesale and in the service industries. We 'get' what it's like to be a small business in Alaska.

As big as Alaska is, the Internet is so huge that Alaska and Alaskans can get lost in it. This site is about Alaskans finding the best of Alaska, sharing and the world. We're about giving small businesses, remote villages, and individual Alaskans a voice without the clutter of the outside world screaming for attention. We're about sharing, understanding, and communicating by using best of class technology and providing it for free for everyones use.

Mystic Ventures
Anchorage Alaska

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